13 awards in 2012 including 1 Emmy Nomination, 4 Telly’s, 3 Communicator’s, 3 Davey’s and 3 W3’s.
— Robb Boyd

TWTV122: (11/1/12) UCS Central: MultiDomain Managment

TWTV123: (10/25/12) Algo Boost and Cisco Nexus: Breaking the Latency Barrier

TWTV121: (10/24/12) Unified Access Launch Show

TWTV120: (9/13/12) Defending the Data Center(as released on new Cisco platform)

TWTV119: (8/19/12) Next Generation Encryption (The Show), NGE Fundamentals

TWTV118: Maximize your WAN with Cisco ISR

TWTV113: Multi-Protocol Reality in the Data Center (released June 21, 2012)

TWTV117: The Cloud Intelligent Network (released June 16, 2012)

TWTV114: Jabber and TelePresence Exposed at Enterprise Connect (released April 19, 2012)

TWTV107: Journey to Enterprise Cloud Computing (April 12, 2012)

TWTV111: Journey to Cloud Services (April 5, 2012)

TWTV115: Firewall Reinvention with the New ASA CX (March 15, 2012)

TWTV110: Embracing the Bring-Your-Own-Device Trend (March 1, 2012)

TWTV112: Switching Innovations: Supporting the Need for Speed (Feb 23, 2012)