Dec 15 TWTV 155: UCS Invicta: Flash for the Data Center?

  • Flash vs. Spinning Hard Drives
  • Whiptail Founder James Candelaria
  • The Components of Scalable Flash with Matt Goldensohn

  • Architecture, Design and Race Runner OS with Chris Nichols


Nov 26 TWTV 163: Network Switching Security

  • Netflow
  • ISE & TrustSec (Sarieddine)
  • Three Security Principles

Nov 7 TWTV 162: UCS M-Series: Deconstructing the Server

  • UCS M Series Modular Server Show and Tell
  • Understanding System Link with Steve McQuerry
  • Cloud Scale Computing
  • Deployment with UCS Manager


Oct 30: TWTV 159: Inside Cisco’s ACI Controller: The APIC

Oct 22TWTV 160: How to Design the Secure Data Center

Oct 16: TWTV 161 Meraki and the Cisco Cloud

Oct 2: TWTV 158 - Smarter Routers for the Intelligent WAN (ISR 4K Launch)


Sep 25: TWTV 157 The TAC Experience

Sep 16 - TWTV 156 ASA with FirePower Services


August 12 - TWTV 154 Open Stack

August 5 - TWTV 153 Internet of Things Reality Show


July 30  - TWTV 152 One DC. Two Locations

July 22 - TWTV151 ACI Momentum

July 14 - TWTV 150 Collaboration from Cisco Live


June 26 - TWTV Live from Cisco Live DAY 3 (Wireless Stew, IoT and Plixer)

June 10 - TWTV 149 Data Center Special on SQL

June 11 - Fundamentals of  BiDi (40-Gbps Bidirectional QSFP Transceiver Modules)


May 28 - TWTV 148 Proactive Support with Smart Call Home

May 16 - TWTV 147 Service Provider, Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

May 13 - Omni-Channel Retailing on BizWiseTV

May 8 - SourceFire Advantage

May 7 - Fundamentals of the APIC-EM


April 27 - Fundamentals of HDX (Mobility/802.11ac)

April 22 - VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

April 8 - TWTV143 SmartNet Tools 

April 2 - TWTV142 InterCloud: Making the Hybrid Connection

April 1 - TWTV 145 Capitalize on Mobility

  • (0:30) Capitalize on Mobility (Robb Boyd/Prashanth Shenoy)
  • (7:58) CMX Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (Tina Shakour/Darryl Sladden)
  • (16:50) RSSI Received Signal Strength Indication (Jimmy Ray/Whiteboard)
  • (27:19) EMSP Enterprise Mobility Solutions Platform (Tina Shakour/Vijaya Baliwada) 
  • (33:40) 2700 Series Wireless Access Points (Robb Boyd)
  • (35:24) Prime Service Catalog (Robb Boyd/Song Toh)


March 19 - Fundamentals of ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure)

March 13 - TWTV141 Application Policy Infrastructure Controller: Enterprise Module


February - TWTV140 Digging Deep into Big Data


January - SDN for the LAN: Making the Right Switch

January - Converged Infrastructure Bundle


Spotlight on MSE: http://youtu.be/H3Zjyz9EQO0

Spotlight on UC Network Management: http://youtu.be/dIqNAX0Nv1g

LIVE@CiscoLive 2012

AppNav: http://youtu.be/P5MImg_s-EY

SDN Controller Demo (Network Slicing)  http://youtu.be/7mHWtE_MQ-A

CSR 1000v http://youtu.be/TifQIlQwJ_0

Nexus Switch Portfolio in 3D (Kaon) http://youtu.be/Ef2d324H2As

Intro to OnePK: http://youtu.be/lnV7f608ZxI

Voice Survivability for HCS: http://youtu.be/m9nZEUYPPBI

ScanSafe: Efficient Cloud Security: http://youtu.be/_SsVC4TKdlQ

Enhanced Cloud with AVC: http://youtu.be/mOtYuGBma4I

Cloud Optimization at Scale with AppNav: http://youtu.be/mOtYuGBma4I

UCS E-Series Server for ISR G2 http://youtu.be/79YGSsIj4hg

CUBE: Cloud Based Video Recording http://youtu.be/BbW5qBLp8rE


 {C}{C} Studio of Doom: http://youtu.be/W4leo_QLvLY

Promo for the Catalyst 6500: (Grease Theme) http://youtu.be/Mhv1CTEvvL4

Behind the Scenes: TechWiseTV at Interop Vegas 2011: http://youtu.be/9_7uK_AmHUg

‘Connect to the Future’” http://youtu.be/Ji1y703lr7A

Attempting a Spanish Promo: http://youtu.be/8ibvkzVIBO8


Jimmy Ray on 'How UPoE Works' 

In this segment from episode 101, Jimmy Ray Purser takes you "inside the cable" to understand just how impressive the Universal PoE standard really is.


The CCIE Lounge at Cisco Live! London 2011 http://youtu.be/uJdiIayVNDk

Learning@Cisco - CiscoLive London: http://youtu.be/N3XMoc3RkFA

The CCIE Character Profile (Scott Morris) http://youtu.be/eAu9GNRfhbI

Networking 101

Networking101: Cat5E/6E:  http://youtu.be/bKMMoYsBa7Q



117: The Cloud Intelligent Network

 Air Date: June 12, 2012

  • Anurag Gurtu, Matt Bolick, Vijay Sagar, Prashanth Shenoy, Zeus Kerravala
  • CSR, AVC, Cloud Connectors, AppNav, UCE E-Series
  • As a fundamental and critical part of a successful cloud implementation, the network is poised for incredible leaps of intelligence.  The WAN has been re-defined as Weak Area Network contributing to poor performance, inadequate security, lack of visibility and complex management.  An intelligent network endows the WAN with the  efficiency of cloud and and the confidence of a private network.  This TechWiseTV episode is stuffed with incredible innovations that deliver on a cloud journey you can embrace.

115: Firewall Re-invention with the new ASA-CX

Air Date: March 15, 2012

  • Rajneesh Chopra, Danny Anello, Brian Conklin, Jaishree Subramania
  • With the emergence of Bring Your Own Device comes greater mobility and increased adoption of cloud services.  As a result, enterprises are looking for more visibility and control.  TechWiseTV Borderless Networks host Jaishree Subramania welcomes special guest Rajneesh Chopra to walk through the new Cisco ASA CX Context-Aware Security.

 104: The Cloud Ready Firewall

  • Mike Storm, Brian Conklin, Ranjeesh Chopra
  • Get an insiders look at how the latest solutions help protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data in the cloud.

103: Cisco Cius: The Inside Story

  • Aired October 2011, Retired in July 2012
  • Roberto De La Mora, David Scott, Larry Michalewicz, Laura Powers
  • No, it’s not "another tablet"! In fact, the Cisco Cius is a powerful business tool built to solve real business challenges. In this episode, our TechWiseTV geeks dive right into this powerful enterprise device with an unboxing, a multi-media test-drive, a look at the app development, and a complete security teardown.


The IPv6 Implementation Action Plan

If you’re considering a migration to IPv6, you won’t want to miss this episode. Join our Cisco experts as they walk through the keys to successful implementation, including the security implications of IPv6 integration, Cisco’s own real-world experiences with IPv6, and a detailed assessment of the realities of NAT64 translation.  TechWiseTV 94



PCI Compliance made Simple

It's the "Everything You Wanted to Know About PCI But Were Afraid to Ask" episode! Join our experts as they tackle the fundamentals of PCI, navigate the ins and outs of compliance, dig into design and implementation, and even offer tips for a successful audit. As always, the TWTV team brings it real.  TechWiseTV 99



Enhance Your Power Options with Cisco UPOE

Cisco UPOE, or Universal Power over Ethernet, is a Cisco innovation offering up to 60 watts on a standard Cat5 cable.  This episode of TechWiseTV covers everything from the physical challenge of putting that much power on such a small cable, to the equipment, the management, and the real-world benefits UPOE can bring to your operation.  TechWiseTV 101


102: Automating the SAP Experience

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) forms the mission critical underpinning for many enterprise companies. As part of the Cisco and SAP alliance, we now offer proven integrated solutions featuring some of Ciscos most advance data center technologies. This episode of TechWiseTV illustrates where Cisco and SAP are meeting customer needs for more control and flexibility.



In this segment from episode 101, Sylvia Hooks and Pradeep Parmar talk about Universal Power over Ethernet (Catalyst 4500)


 Segment from episode 101, guest Nikhil Sharma walks through power management options, including EnergyWise management of new non-Cisco devices, command-line interface (CLI) power management, and what's in store in the future with the standards committee.


Master Class: Mastering Antenna Engineering


Jimmy Ray Purser provides an in-depth explanation of the engineering requirements for successful wireless antenna design using innovation from the 1930s in this excerpt from TechWiseTV episode 88. More

Smart Connected Series

 Healthcare Brain Drain in Colorado

Rivas, Spain


Swift Justice in San Antonio

The India video got dragged into politics between India and Pakistan fears and we never got official word to release it.  I don't think it will be what you are looking for ….but I think its an awesome story that did get told in the direction we were originally given.  I have it hidden on my personal youtube site but we have never released it: