Converged infrastructure is big. Gartner expects it to be the fastest-growing segment of the overall market for integrated systems, reaching nearly $5 billion by 2019 as it solves real business problems. And FlashStack converged infrastructure by Cisco and Pure Storage promises to deliver. FlashStack simplifies the deployment, monitoring, and management of data center infrastructure.
TechWiseTV: Data is valuable, and you need to store it. You also need to keep some data close and leverage new cloud services. Enter Cisco and SAP. With SAP Data Hub, you can see your entire data landscape. And Cisco Container Platform is the quickest way to get your data up and running safely on premises.
Catch NetDevOps Latest News: Cisco DevNet: DevOps Comes to Networking on TechWiseTV: NetDevOps brings the culture and methods of DevOps to networking so you can deliver network services faster, more reliably, and aligned with the needs of your business.
Cisco DNA Center Platform: Register for the in-depth workshop: TechWiseTV: Cisco's DNA Center forms the heart of our intent-based network. On its console interface, DNA Center is categorized into four major buckets: Design, Policy, Provision, and Assurance. And now we've added a fifth category: Platform.
Learn More about Cisco ASR 9000 Series: Register for the workshop: TechWiseTV: The new series offers breakthrough features that enable customers to keep pace with growing service demands while still protecting investments in their existing infrastructure. Learn all about this rock-solid router and why it's the ideal platform for today's service providers!
Learn More about Cisco UCS C4200 Series: Register for the in-depth workshop: If you'd like your team to spend more time crunching data and less time managing server infrastructure, this TechWiseTV episode is for you. Take a look inside the Cisco UCS C4200 Series chassis.
Learn more about Cisco Aironet: Workshop: Cisco Intelligent Capture: TechWiseTV: Meeting users' high expectations for Wi-Fi availability can be tough: WLANs were architected with a best-effort design, and wireless users are always moving, making the RF environment dynamic and hard to control.
Learn more about ISE: Workshop: Cisco Identity Services Engine: TechWiseTV: Network and security operators face two opposing challenges: Opening up access to business services from anywhere on any device, and protecting the enterprise from growing security threats. The last thing they want is to be seen as inhibitors of growth .
Learn more in the upcoming TechWiseTV Workshop: Software Subscriptions for Enterprise Routing: TechWiseTV: Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) extends the benefits of Cisco intent-based networking across the branch, WAN, and cloud. That means greater agility, advanced threat protection, and a better user experience, thanks to powerful automation, orchestration, and cloud-based management.
SD-Access for IoT: Workshop: Intent-Based Networking for IoT: TechWiseTV: Intent-based networking is a simpler way to design and operate modern networks. Built with Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) and managed with a single pane of glass (Cisco DNA Center), this revolutionary network fabric increases IT agility and network assurance through end-to-end policy-based automation, segmentation, and security.
Cisco Wireless Solutions: TechWiseTV: The Cisco Aironet 4800 802.11ac Wave 2 access point combines the power and capability of multiple access points in a single unit. So you can turn on valuable functions like hyperlocation, Flexible Radio Assignment, BLE, and security and run them concurrently, with no impact on data performance.
Cisco 9500 Catalyst Series Switches: Workshop: Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series High-Performance Switches: TechWiseTV: With IoT, cloud, and mobile traffic flooding the average network, 4K video becoming standard, and augmented and virtual reality getting traction, there's no turning back. Enterprises need more throughput if they are to accommodate the traffic loads of the modern age.
Register for the workshop: Jump to Part 1: Cisco HyperFlex Innovations Jump to Part 2: What Customers Want in Hyperconvergence Jump to Part 3: Meet HyperFlex Customer Lewis Brisbois Jump to Part 4: Deep Dive into New HyperFlex Features Multicloud environments are becoming the standard, and businesses are seeing the increased need for on-premises solutions that can rapidly deploy applications and seamlessly interface with the cloud, while still being simple to deploy and manage.
Cisco Container Platform: TechWiseTV: Containers are revolutionizing application development by delivering greater agility, portability, and performance. How can you accelerate moving containerized applications into production if you have to manage all the back-end connections and associations to storage, networks, and security systems? To help containerization proliferate into the mainstream, the Cisco Container Platform automates the underlying administrative tasks so you can focus on applications.
DNA Center Assurance: Register for the in-depth TechWiseTV Workshop: Cisco just made a great leap forward on the path to intent-based networking. Its latest updates to DNA Center introduce more data sources to help you make sense of it all and reduce time spent troubleshooting.
Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud: Register for the Stealthwatch Cloud workshop: Network workloads and data flows are quickly moving off the enterprise premise and onto one or more public clouds. The tight security controls you've put in place to protect data in your own network need to follow that data wherever it goes.
Cisco Operational Insights: TechWiseTV: No matter what you measure or monitor, there's an asset tag or sensor that does it for you: temperature, humidity, flow, acceleration, pressure-you name it. But those connected devices don't necessarily connect with each other. So how can you get real business value from all that data?
Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance: TechWiseTV: Wireless often takes the rap when users complain about network connectivity and application problems. But Cisco Wireless Assurance helps you make sure wireless is never the "weakest link." Troubleshooting RF issues has now become far simpler and faster, thanks to correlated insights, analytics, and a unique user view of the radio frequency (RF) environment.
Register for the workshop: Learn more: In this episode of the Cisco TechWiseTV Developer Series, DevNet evangelist Hank Preston explains this new DevOps model for networking, and why adopting a NetDevOps culture is critical to your organization's success.