The latest official that I am not wearing glasses anymore.

The latest official that I am not wearing glasses anymore.

How did you get to where you are?

Why do you ask? 

Its not a path that makes a ton of sense..but I would not change a thing. 


This is my serious look. I am a very serious person. Some of the time.

In actuality, I am just a very blessed guy saved by the Grace of God. I have the coolest job in the world working with all the smart technologists available within Cisco. I get to combine my love for Technology, Story Telling, Audio and Video and then Cisco pays me for it. I have been with Cisco 10 years and I have been fortunate to work with a great team building TechWiseTV (along with many other Cisco shows) from scratch for the last 3 years.

Work Bio (located here)

Host, Managing Editor, Assistant to the Chief Geek

Robb Boyd is a 10 year veteran of Cisco starting in the field as a territory sales manager, he is now the Managing Editor and host for the Cisco Interaction Network which currently includes the flagship technical web based TV show: TechWiseTV. These shows have earned multiple awards both within Cisco as well as within the online media industry at large.


The Communicator Awards, ‘Awards of Distinction’ (Online Media)

SalesWiseTV 4 (Unified Communications)

TechWise 24 (Stopping Email Threats)

The Telly Awards:

TechWiseTV 29: Defining the Data Center Class Switch (Bronze Telly: Infomercial Category)

TechWiseTV 31: “Applying Web 2.0 to your Business Challenges (2 Bronze Telly’s: Information and Direct Marketing Categories)

The TechWiseTV official blog can be found at

Robb along with Jimmy Ray Purser form the original and primary content creation team for TechWiseTV and related shows. As the writer and face of the show, Robb Boyd is responsible for the consistency of the brand, delivering on the audience promise for “Technology you can use from Geeks you can Trust.” Finding the talent and the innovation throughout Cisco so that the stories can be told to a broader audience in a educational, entertaining and creative way. This is what drives Robb and the success of the show.


In a former life, I used to manage and run operations for hotels. From different motels on the Interstate in Texas to hauling bags at the Four Seasons and finally ending up running my own Westin Hotel in Columbus, Ohio as the Director of Operations. We completely renovated that historic hotel and I began getting my feet wet with the intersection of productivity, customer service and so on…all enabled by technology. This lead to a complete career change that included PageNet (remember pagers?), MCI and WorldCom (remember them?), incredibly fun roles as both a voice and video conferencing specialist at these service providers assisting our field sales people and customers. I worked a brief period with a video conferencing integrator during the waning days of ISDN before getting a chance to join Cisco in 2000.


I was incredibly blessed to join Cisco just before the ‘bubble burst’ (the first time) and somehow maintain my sales job in our North Texas area. I quickly learned that Cisco was well armed with the most incredibly talented engineers I had ever worked with and these guys and gals would be critical to my success. I was able to parlay my way into a security specialist role as Cisco began creating what is now known as the Advanced Technology team supporting customers in about 6 states at the time. I did that for several years earning my CISSP and GSEC certifications really enjoying this role and Cisco’s growing product set. It was in 2006 that I was able to join another ‘bright idea’ for something called the Cisco Interaction Network. I joined as a security specialist role along with two other people Jimmy Ray Purser as our Networking Foundation Specialist and Felicia Ferrante, an incredible Unified Communications sales person. Each of us had our own show and we spent MANY long hours trying to execute on some great but very initial ideas. We pumped out 2 shows a month at the beginning, started drawing a great crowd who gave us incredible feedback so that we could continue to morph the shows, the style, the guests, demos and everything else that goes into it.


Fast forward to today - Felicia returned to the field and Jimmy Ray and I joined forces to become the content team for TechWiseTV churning out 1 TV show, 4 podcasts and many, many blog entries every month. We are close to breaking the 50 episode mark for TechWiseTV, the 25 mark for BizWiseTV, and have done just over 300 podcasts and a lot of other material that ended up on the cutting room floor…

As the managing editor for both TechWiseTV and now recently, BizWiseTV and DataCenterTV, my job is to lead the visionary direction of these shows with Jimmy Ray partnering on the deep technical cred. We have an extremely talented group of people behind the scenes who make Jimmy Ray and I both look much more professional than we ever would have otherwise.

I live in Lewisville, TX. a suburb of Dallas and office out of Cisco’s Richardson office. I am blessed with 2 incredible kids and a wife who is very patient about letting me be me (as long as I keep my home office/lab door closed….)

Personal Bio:

Love my Lord, love my kids, love my wife, taking pictures and making music.   As a former musician with no time to practice (I used to play trumpet and specialized in Jazz), I now burn up personal time with my long lost desire to be a rock star by DJ'ing parties for anyone who will hire me. (great article on this at

My Church for the last 10 years has been Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano. My voluntary work several weekends per month is in the 'Children's Creative Ministry.' The guys running this are the most down to Earth Christians (Brandon, Jeremy, Doug, J-Rod) with mad production skills I have ever had the good fortune to work with. I am blown away that they have eclipsed 100 episodes of 'Wright's Direction' - an all volunteer faith based sitcom they produce every week. I wish I had more time to work with these guys - my primary role is Tech Director for the live show that is done across 3 services on the weekend.

My life story...