Why Networking 101

We will have some short form, simple but direct content coming out soon - modeled directly after some videos that Jimmy Ray did for our SMB group a number of years back. I wanted to embed a few samples here along with the view counts as of this posting...it blew my socks off.

What is a VLAN? (51,867 views)

What is a Router vs a Switch (51,417 views)

What is the Ethernet (22,836 views)

What is a Firewall (25,114 views)

What is NAT (23,206 views)

What is Multicasting (18,136 views)

We don't want to do the old topics that have already been covered - so we started a list that JR wanted to cover moving forward.   The first four are:

- Data Deduplication

 - Virtualization

 - Cat5e/Cat6 cabling

 - Port/Socket

Look for these to come out shortly.  What are your thoughts on the topics?   Do you have ideas for valuable quick hit topics we could cover?  Let us know in the comments!