India: Safety and Security in the Crosshairs

It was just about a year ago where we worked a project that has never officially seen the light of day.  The following video is a fantastic example of taking direction - we were asked to focus our story on the unique situation India faces on a regular basis when it comes to tourism. At the time this was completed, the target release was to be timed along with the upcoming Commonwealth games where security was increasingly tight of course.  We got great access to news footage, government officials and a wealth of storylines.  At the end of the day however, agreement could never be gained on releasing it in country as planned for the emotional level of the video was coming across too strong.  Its a shame really - this is a beautifully done story and our personal goals for making sue this was not a typical corporate video were met quite well I think.  The producer to credit for this is our good friend Steffan Schulz from Strange Media.  In fact, I believe this 11 day field shoot may have also been his first experience with shooting on an SLR. Not his at the time...but now Steffan has gone on to make awesome stuff with his new Canon 5D.

You be the judge...good stuff?