Fundamentals of Session Management

Session Mgmt Fundamentals

The flexibility enabled by an IP based communication system is exemplified in how Cisco handles Session Management. In fact, the combination of 'Session Management Edition and CUBE (Cisco Unified Border Element) remain the most cost effective way to transition from a traditional PBX environment without sacrificing previous investments.  

The benefits can be grouped in three areas: 

  • Save - Lower costs and improve efficiency by using SIP trunking to interconnect networks using Cisco Unified Border Element
  • Simplify - Reduce complexity by aggregating third-party PBXs, and easing migration to an all-IP environment.
  • Extend - Deploy collaboration applications at the network core and extend them to users, even those on third-party PBXs

In this latest in the Fundamentals series from TechWiseTV, we tackle the core technology hopefully explains it in a fun way. Get your head wrapped around Session Management and make sure you are not missing anything! 

After you watch, be sure and follow up with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition Product Page and see more of the resources our friend Patty Medberry has made available

Patty Medberry

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