Video Distribution: AOL embraces YouTube

Beyond the technology side of getting video seen by an audience, is the platform. By platform, I mean the big questions between broadcast TV and the Internet  - which then becomes, well, where on the Internet?  Do we build something and then try to market the heck out of it? Perhaps we create such compelling content (dare-say viral?) and the audience will surely find us…OR, do we follow the watering hole methodology and go where our audience seems to be.  There is really no right or wrong answer - you can fail or succeed at all of this.  AOL, the very 'we were a portal before portals were cool' announced a pretty big move this week stating that ALL of their video content would now be distributed through YouTube.   

This is not a knock against AOL, but it is interesting move as they only debuted their ON Network back in April.  The ON Network has a nice collection of original content and web favorites like Huffington Post, TechCrunch plus many others. According to AOL this is simply a way to reach new audience and open more advertising streams.  They have reported views up to 61 million on their portal,  so in my limited view, it does not sound like they are doing bad.  I just think its interesting to watch this space as everyone grapples with the right way to distribute content.