Memorizing Scripture for Geeks

One of my ongoing resolutions is to spend time each day memorizing scripture. I am horrible at memorizing anything so this was not an activity that I relished. Being the geek that I am, I have probably spent too much time reviewing software that caught my eye for doing this and have finally settled on not one, but two applications.   For me to settle, this means a software or application has to fit easily into a regular routine…there are quite a few that I try but for one reason or another, just don't seem natural in my workflow. 

 I would like for my scripture memory to be all in one program that I can access (and sync) on both my mac and my iOS devices…I had hoped that Mental Case would be the answer but for some reason, this particular software always seems to hang me up with wasted screen space on my iPad or confusing me with its feedback mechanisms.  

My favorite place to get things done is still in front of my big screen iMac at home and for working on my memory verses, my favorite app is a real simple one called 'Genius.' Alexis Kayhill did a nice little review on it back in 2008…the app has really not changed over time from what I can tell..but I don't know that it needs to. 

Beyond the simplicity, there are a few things that standout for me here: 


1. Type your Answer: Genius allows you to start typing the answer from memory and has pretty good fuzziness to it for giving you credit if you are close.  It still allows you to decide that you were close enough which I love for long passages that I can verbalize quickly and don't have time to write every time.  (the discipline to write it down however is great for memory).

2. Algorithm Spaced Repetition is used within genius to maximize retention and you can feel it at work both directly and later, indirectly. When I get something wrong, Genius gives me a different question to answer at first and then comes back to the ones I struggled with until I get the right. The program seems to intelligently decide I have had enough after awhile and thankfully will time out reasonably on a study session even if I still botched a few repeatedly.  Things I have gotten right do reappear, but spaced very far apart (weeks) so I do get re-checked …I think this makes sense.

3. The Price: free. Seems to always find room in my budget.


For my iPhone however, Genius does not offer anything. But this is where my friend Paul has stepped in and created an App that I am fortunate to be credited with the naming: 'Well Versed.' This is a great little Bible Memory Application that is always with you on the iPhone and I have a favorites list for it as well:

 1. It's with me: Just like my multiple cameras, the favorite one when asked is the one I have with me. 

2. No Internet Required: Paul has worked hard to negotiate deals with various Bible publishers so that you can have the entire text of the Bible available to you in the version you prefer. This app makes it really easy to find what you are looking for and instantly turn it into something you want to work on memorizing.

3. Paul: I have been in Bible Study with Paul and his lovely wife for several years now, he is Deacon at our Church and I know without a doubt, he has a heart for Jesus. I don't doubt that any product made for the modern Christian is hopefully from a real believer, but I can tell you that this one is. 

 Try these out and see if your 'walk' starts to pick up pace…