TWTV113: Multi-Protocol Reality in the Data Center

Episode 113, Taped May 16, 2012, Released June 21, 2012

Guests: Rajeev Bhardwaj, Nikhil Kelshikar, J Michel Metz

Protocol Agreeance? 

It may be easier for the Chicago Cubs to get a pennant than a group of engineers to agree on a protocol it the data center.  Some perceive Cisco Unified Fabric as an exclusive approach when in reality it is the most inclusive and thus flexible architecture available.  This TechWiseTV episode brings in the experts as we go from FICON to iSCSI, FCOE to FCIP.  Technology you can use, from geeks you can trust.

Segment 1: Guest Rajeev Bhardwaj explains the reality of Protocol options for Unified Fabric

Segment 2: Cisco Fabric Path: The Engineering Perspective

Segment 3: Mastering Cisco MDS Interop Modes

Segment 4: Guest J Metz and Cisco Storage Protocols