TWTV118: Maximize your WAN with Cisco ISR

Episode 118, Project ID 1206

Taped July 10, 2012, Released August 3, 2012

Guests: Vasanth Raghavan, Manu Parbhakar, Adam Groudan 

Don't leave the 'S' out of your ISR...

Are you getting all the value you can out of your router? Chances are high that you either have a high performance machine at the edge of your network that is just idling or you will soon. The value of this show applies equally to those of you who roll your own as well as leverage services from our service provider partners.

We include actionable information in at least four areas - 
1. Security - secure services…managed VPN enhancements, virtual office and traditional security
2. Cloud Connectors - Specifically Cloud Enhanced Voice and Video (HCS)
3. A field trip!  - Smart Guidance for architecture deployment (SBA) - who likes being first?  You don’t have to…chances are high that the SBA guys have already failed first..and then published the ‘architectural manual’
4. Machine to Machine - the high growth potential that network intelligence can bring to your most critical functions like transportation, vending machines, people…you can put a router on anything!


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