Pistol - We will Miss You

Text Pistol Hit by Car.png

We had him for about one year. He always wanted to hunt and so he became and indoor/outdoor cat.  I know from experience that any cats that go outdoors tend to have a shorter life-span...and this only proves it.  He was the most social kitty we ever had.  We had to add a second item to his collar letting people know he was purposefully out 'catting around' and just wanted to visit...no need to keep calling us all the time.  We met so many more neighbors though when they would call to tell us they found him. Zoey helped him with his own facebook page..although he only updated about as often as I do mine.  Perhaps the keyboard was too hard on the paws.  Neighbors would post pictures of him at their house...and that was fun.  We love you Pistol.  We will miss you.  Thank you Tooth Acres  for providing closure on this awful event for us and the kids.