Khana Karts Race Day

What a great, tiring weekend, shooting interviews in Seth Higgin's garage until almost midnight Friday then meeting in Euless early the next morning to shoot our make-shift Gymkhana was awesome!  



Tom at Mayo Performance opened up his shop and staged some of the most amazing vintage racing porsches in the background.   

Steve Ewertz, our incredible Director of Photography for TechWiseTV stayed in town from a Friday morning shoot we did for Episode 133.  I can't wait to share what all we captured but I want to take my time as based on the footage he captured, handheld, jib, slider, GoPro....and what he helped me accomplish...I need to make sure I do it justice!  You can see some of the motion stuff on a test shoot I did without Steve a few weeks ago...may help quell the appetite.   

Thank you Corey Kaiser for the pictures.  Seth Higgins and Ryan Nicol for their Khana Karts, plus their time and the creativity involved in making such a fun sport more accessible.  I look forward to sharing more soon!