I realized just a few weeks ago that my friend and neighbor, Seth Higgins, had been building custom go-carts.  I had seen him pulling a trailer that said 'Khana Karts' on it when I was out mowing and I googled it.  Turns out, go-carts are not just a dying sport (on the consumer side) their are ripe for re-invention.  Well, Seth has been a race driver (big cars) for I don't know how long...and he wanted to be able to do it more with his young kids so he started digging into it.  What he really wanted to do was build an inexpensive drift cart that would allow anyone to experience and enjoy the sport of drifting..something he does, again with the bigger (and MUCH more expensive) cars. I wanted to play too and learn a bit more so we shot some experimental video yesterday which I threw together.   

I would like to make this shorter and do more with the color...but I ran out of time and need to get back to work this week.  Check out more information on the carts at khanakarts.com.  He will be taking orders for kits soon and I hope we will be doing more videos on what makes these different as well.