Episode 141 Released: Cisco Controller...Enterprise Module

This is an audio only version of the show - it is a video of course...you can watch it here.

Separation of control and data planes is a great start for SDN, but to be truly effective, we need to include network functionality as well. The Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) Enterprise Module extends ACI solutions beyond the data center to the WAN and access networks.  Cisco has been updating its data center and networking portfolio to become open, programmable and secure, and this extension of APIC delivers Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities that allow the network to become more agile and responsive to the dynamic demands of applications and users.

We covered all of this from Cisco Live Milan but lost some footage during the initial back up process. UGH!  We re-shot stuff as you can hear in the studio but thankfully did not lose our interviews and demos.  

This is an audio only version of the show.  You can SEE the show here.  

We cover an intro to the APIC Enterprise Module & Open Daylight and then dig in with Phil Cassini covering demonstrations with Security, QoS and VDI. Plus, a subject we will come back to in more detail later, iWAN or 'Intelligent WAN.'  Bill Reilly handled that one with us beautifully.  Hope you enjoy!