HyperFlex Celebration - LIVE

We pulled off our first TechWiseTV LIVE AUDIENCE format for the HyperFlex launch complete with a live band, and 4 simultaneous media streams on YouTube, Facebook, Cisco.com homepage plus our own registered site. We hit a number of records with this both for ourselves and for Cisco. 

We set out to drive a fun experience for our audience and to tell a simple story around the success of HyperFlex. We had the opportunity to do this with customers sharing their stories, CTO of Citrix, our engineering teams, live demos and an energetic audience of at least 200 people.

Watch the show now: http://bit.ly/techwisetvLIVE

As with all TechWiseTV shows, our objective was to both entertain and educate with a tone that implied we were talking amongst our peers.  This show needed to resonate with a broader audience however and be compelling to the c-suite as well.  

To make it interactive, we built much of the show around actual customer stories that we could then use as a base for showcasing a ‘how’d they do that’ point in our lab set.  We would go out to the audience, engage, and then send a key point back up to the demo team.  

Our third trip out was to engage with Christian Reilly, CTO of Citrix.  As planned, he started answering his question from his seat but asked if he could just jump up on stage and use our whiteboard to explain further.   This allowed more surprises for the audience who never had to feel like they were settling in for a long corporate droning. 

We teased some third-party testing numbers up top and finally revealed at the end showing proven architectural value for how our definition of simplicity affects anyone’s bottom line.  The bulk of the show was built around some carefully crafted live whiteboard and animation. Our goal was to show simplicity through automation on a cluster install, the logical beauty of the Unified Computing System as well as the short and long term benefits of a purpose built, log-based file system. 

Liz Centoni covered how the need for simplicity has lead Hyperconvergence to become such a hot market opportunity. Kastoubh Das (KD) revealed the four foundational pillars for Cisco HyperFlex and introduced the all new flash arrays, 40GB networking integration and the new HTML5 interface.

Big Thank you to...

First, Eugene Kim for his leadership of this launch. Robb Boyd for being the driving force behind the show. Our new and talented TechWiseTV co-host, Lauren Malhoit who made an outstanding debut and Chris Nichols, the storage specialized, white-boarding powerhouse.  Liz Centoni put in the right messaging foundation at the top of the show and Kaustubh Das (KD) came in with several technical beats that tied it all together. Big thanks to the faith and perseverance of Justyna Przygoda and Francoise Rees for working through the creative, the timing and logistics with customers. Vicky Arafa and Dan Pavlik from CiscoTV operating like a well-trained orchestra through all the cues and steps needed to pull it off.  Chris Winger’s streaming expertise on the social media outlets.  Sara Miller and Tawni Unite for their expertise in getting us on the new Eloquoa registration system, promo integration and of course the live Q&A. Gary Serda and Lisa Vera for coordination with customers and partners to fill the room and tell their stories. And to the social media team for driving engagements and amplification with our audience.

Episode 158 - Smarter Routers

Episode 158 - Smarter Routers

 We recently had a chance to showcase the new ISR 4000 Series.  ISR remains the acronym for this family as it stands in for ‘Integrated Services Router.’  I am sure we made this argument before, but one way to characterize this one is to see just how much the innovation swings towards the ‘I’ and the ’S’ these days.  It makes sense. 

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Episode 157: Inside the Cisco TAC

Initially, I was not too excited about doing a show on TAC, Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center.  This topic has been requested in various forms throughout the years and for whatever reason, we just never took the time to do it right.  Until now.  

Cool thing about TAC as a subject for us? It is TECH Reality.  This really can’t be a marketing show as they deal with deployments.  As much as I could now make an argument for why they should be a part of any pre-sale process - I get it. They truly live at that golden moment…when someone has a problem and they are either going to become a customer for life…or be lost forever.   (Watch the entire Show Right Now)

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TWTV120: Defending the Data Center


Episode 120, Project ID 1219

Taped August 14, 2012 (Studio 13)

Released September 12, 2012

Guests: Per Hagen, Scott Gainey, Jaishree Subramania, Jeff Aboud, Swastik Bihani, Anil Kapur

We had to dig further, past our initial meetings internally and determine what would make this particular story unique from previous ones we have told this year.  Three really good shows done earlier now provide great context for appreciating the innovation we talk about in this one.   Check out: Fundamentals of High End FirewallsFundamentals of Intrusion Prevention and (TechWiseTV 115) Firewall Reinvention with the ASA-CX

So topically, Security in the Data Center is an easy hit of course.   It seems to top many lists. As Cisco broadens the tool set with new models and deployment options, we broke this one down along party lines:  

Per Hagen 4

Jaishree brought in Scott Gainey for the top down view in Segment 2. 

 Per Hagen 5

Jimmy Ray hosted Per Hagen as he explained how the new clustering technology in the ASA worked.   NOTE: ASA 5515-X running the latest software release 8.6(1) was featured in the BYOD CVD (Cisco Validated Design) Smart Solution Design Guide.

Per Hagen 7

Anil Kapur revealed how IPS (from Cisco anyway…) can now play effectively in a data center strategy.  

Per Hagen 1

Jeff Aboud joined me to illustrate how all of these new models now give us the flexibility to model a security architecture that complements the network/business strategy.  

Per Hagen 3

Swastik Bihani then joined us and showed new email encryption capabilities across all of our devices and web security changes worth knowing about. 

For a good design guide on this one - check out this well done paper (pdf) from our friends at the SBA labs

TWTV119: Next Generation Encryption

There is so something intriguing about ‘secrets’ and the ability to communicate openly yet know that only your intended recipient can ‘decode’ your message. The concept is of course not a new one.  Its the practice of this in our now digital age that has had to advance and withstand increasingly complex challenges to survive.  

This show signals the new shift now happening as we move to the latest set of secure protocols needed for the next decade and beyond.  We brought in Cisco’s NGE (Next Generation Encryption) expert, Dr. David McGrew.  David is a Cisco Fellow who not only specializes in secure communications within our Router and Switch Security Group, but somewhere along the line got his Ph.D. In Theoretical Nuclear Physics. Geeez.  

David was our sole guest on this show so that we could cover several aspects of NGE. He has some very good blog entries to review on this for further coverage.  (Panos Kampanakis also covered NGE). Another good one to read for background here is David’s blog entry on the importance of the key…no matter how strong the cipher.

Understand Cryptography?

 Secure communication includes encryption, message authentication, key establishment, digital signatures and hashing.  Over the past 30 years, public key cryptography has become a mainstay for secure communications over the Internet and throughout many other forms of communications. They form the basis for key management and authentication for IP encryption (IKE/IPSEC), web traffic (SSL/TLS) and secure electronic mail.For digital signatures, public key cryptography is used to authenticate the origin of data and protect the integrity of that data. 


Fascinating spy vs spy stuff for just about any audience - but also required knowledge for the networking geek.  Why is that?  

Two big reasons: 

1. Moore’s Law - Moore’s law ensures that our crypto security gets just a little weaker every day. This means that we need to deploy cryptographic protocols that will remain secure for the NEXT 10 to 15 years. There is no way to know when an attacker has broken your cipher and is reading your traffic. 

2. Mobility and Performance - New techniques have been developed which offer both better performance and higher security than these first generation public key techniques. The best assured group of new public key techniques is built on the arithmetic of elliptic curves and is ideal for our increasingly smaller devices. 

Cisco Fellow, David McGrew has been instrumental in the development of GCM, or the Galois/Counter Mode algorithm which is also key to his work advancing Next Generation Encryption. With David’s help, we explore and explain what you need to know about cryptography from the basics to the advanced so you can properly prepare yourself and your network for the next 10 years and beyond. 

 1. Why We Need Cryptographic Awareness

Learn how and why encryption can be a challenging subject to master but valuable even at the beginning levels. 

 2. Introduction to Next Generation Encryption 

Securing your communications data requires a 10 year plan and the time to start is now. Join TechWiseTV and Cisco Fellow David McGrew as we introduce the need for Next Generation Encryption by fully understanding the suite of cryptographic protocols in use today.  Know what to watch for and where certain protocols make more sense than others. 

 3. Roadblocks to Next Generation Encryption

NGE or Next Generation Encryption has technically been around since the 1980’s. Couple this with our claim today that it is a superior encryption method and it begs the question - why is not in place already?  Cisco Fellow and Cryptanalyst David McGrew returns to answer this question and more as we continue our cryptographic awareness series.  What you really need for commercial grade communications and more. 

 4. Elliptic Curve Cryptography - Master Class

Public-key cryptography is based on the intractability of certain mathematical problems. Early public-key systems are secure assuming that it is difficult to factor a large integer composed of two or more large prime factors. For elliptic-curve-based protocols, it is assumed that finding the discrete logarithm of a random elliptic curve element with respect to a publicly known base point is infeasible. The size of the elliptic curve determines the difficulty of the problem. The primary benefit promised by ECC is a smaller key size, reducing storage and transmission requirements.  Watch this TechWiseTV segment to watch an Engineer from Tennessee simply these concepts with nothing but a whiteboard.  

5. Cisco, NGE and You

Robb and Jimmy Ray wrap up the Next Generation Internet story with an important review of deployment techniques and best practices. 


Breaking Germany's Enigma Code
RSA Factoring Challenge


Contributors: Emma Kilcoyne, David McGrew

Guest: Dr. David McGrew, Cisco Fellow


As always...thank you for watching!


Robb Boyd
Managing Editor/Producer/Host


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TWTV118: Maximize your WAN with Cisco ISR

Episode 118, Project ID 1206

Taped July 10, 2012, Released August 3, 2012

Guests: Vasanth Raghavan, Manu Parbhakar, Adam Groudan 

Don't leave the 'S' out of your ISR...

Are you getting all the value you can out of your router? Chances are high that you either have a high performance machine at the edge of your network that is just idling or you will soon. The value of this show applies equally to those of you who roll your own as well as leverage services from our service provider partners.

We include actionable information in at least four areas - 
1. Security - secure services…managed VPN enhancements, virtual office and traditional security
2. Cloud Connectors - Specifically Cloud Enhanced Voice and Video (HCS)
3. A field trip!  - Smart Guidance for architecture deployment (SBA) - who likes being first?  You don’t have to…chances are high that the SBA guys have already failed first..and then published the ‘architectural manual’
4. Machine to Machine - the high growth potential that network intelligence can bring to your most critical functions like transportation, vending machines, people…you can put a router on anything!


Don't miss the workshop!


CiscoLive San Diego 2012

Robb & Prashanth on Stage, Jimmy Ray on the Wireless FeedCiscoLive was held in beautiful San Diego this year.  Sure wish we could do it here every year...its been Vegas (burnout!) for the last few years and now for 2013 I understand it will be Orlando.  We followed a new pattern in our production here that seems to be working out well. Instead of producing 2 to 3 full themed shows, we are doing individual segments, editing them on site and uploading within what is usually a 3 hour time frame.  

SDN Controller Demo (Network Slicing)  http://youtu.be/7mHWtE_MQ-A
Nexus Switch Portfolio in 3D (Kaon) http://youtu.be/Ef2d324H2As
Voice Survivability for HCS: http://youtu.be/m9nZEUYPPBI
ScanSafe: Efficient Cloud Security: http://youtu.be/_SsVC4TKdlQ
Enhanced Cloud with AVC: http://youtu.be/mOtYuGBma4I
Cloud Optimization at Scale with AppNav: http://youtu.be/mOtYuGBma4I
UCS E-Series Server for ISR G2 http://youtu.be/79YGSsIj4hg
CUBE: Cloud Based Video Recording http://youtu.be/BbW5qBLp8rE



TWTV117: Cloud Intelligent Network

Episode 117, Project ID 1060

Taped May 15, 2012, Released June 13, 2012

Guests: Anurag Gurtu, Matt Bolick, Vijay Sagar, Prashanth Shenoy, Zeus Kerravala 

Network Intelligence

As a fundamental and critical part of a successful cloud implementation, the network is poised for incredible leaps of intelligence.  The WAN has been re-defined as Weak Area Network contributing to poor performance, inadequate security, lack of visibility and complex management.  An intelligent network endows the WAN with the  efficiency of cloud and and the confidence of a private network.  This TechWiseTV episode is stuffed with incredible innovations that deliver on a cloud journey you can embrace. 

Live@Interop: Network Management

Project 1061, Taped at Interop 2012 in Las Vegas and released same day

Closing the Loop for Effective Network Operations Management

Industry analyst Jim Frey of Enterprise Management Associates discusses how Cisco Prime and Prime Assurance Manager addresses the challenges of managing effective application and service delivery.

Managing Beyond BYOD

Concerned about the proliferation of mobile devices in your enterprise IT -   Cisco experts will demonstrate how Cisco Prime can be used to simplify the management of BYOD - live from Interop. Guest: Tomer Hagay

Netflow Next Generation Appliance

You can't manage what you can't see. The Netflow Next Generation Appliance converts packet level details from the data center switching fabric and converts data into normalized and correlated Netflow data to provide visibility for visibility and troubleshooting of application performance.  Jimmy Ray Purser from TechWiseTV checks out the latest tools from Interop with special guest engineer Damien Lim.

Cisco Prime Update

Lower operating expenses and improve network availability – Cisco Prime Update live from Interop.  The latest updates to Cisco Prime network strategy and recent updates to the Cisco Prime product portfolio. Guest Engineer: Obaid Vanjara

TWTV107: Journey to Enterprise Cloud Computing

Project 1050
Taped February 22, 2012, Released April 12, 2012
Guests: Vikrant Karvir, Yousuf Hasan, Jim Bugwadia

Clouded Understanding

The experts at TechWiseTV want to clear up the mystery and potential confusion of “cloud.”  What it is and what it is not, why TechWiseTV thinks it is important and why you should too, and how to apply it within your own organization in whatever way and means it makes sense.  

This episode is full of actionable information and insights, including:
•    A look into real-life deployments across a wide swath of industries 
•    An in-depth look at the various hybrid cloud models worth considering
•    How Cisco’s Cloud Portal offering enables a flexible service model gateway

TWTV114: Jabber & Telepresence Exposed (Enterprise Connect)

Project 1057

Taped at Enterprise Connect in Orlando: March 27, 2012

Guests: OJ Winge, Laura Powers, Mark Gervase, Zoltan Deak, Mags Moran, Mike Walker

I don't care

O.J. Winge does not care about devices or platforms, but people.

  • I care about creating business value and growing our business
  • I care about how people work together, how they create and innovate;  
  • I care about empowering and engaging people.
  • After all – isn’t this what creates business value….
  • – isn’t this the *point* of technology? To help drive (human) performance to new levels?

88% of Business Leaders fear that 'misunderstanding' will slow them down.  

How do we help with communication? Well, 54% consider the most important part of communications is gauging engagement and focus- through a combination of visual and audio cues, such as facial expressions, gestures and body language, tone of voice.

When you engage each and every employee – you can transform them from “knowledge workers” into empowered employees.  And that is a powerful value for business.

we defined three “personas” fully characterized and profiled as users of our products… and as we designed and developed new product, we thought of the user – the persona the product was intended for.  This changed how we designed and developed our products.  In fact, this is what has driven the design of our immersive Telepresence


Shownotes from my week in Orlando for the annual voice confab



TWTV115: Firewall Reinvention with the ASA-CX

Taped 2/20/12
Released 3/15/12
Bring up the topic of security to IT professionals and you are likely to get more than you bargained.  The reality is that we are torn between two extremes.  On one hand, employees want the ease and flexibility of using their device of choice and applications to perform their job most effectively.  On the other hand, many security professionals want to lock down the network and adhere to stringent, albeit needed, security guidelines.
The way to have "both" is by unlocking the power of the network and this is where Cisco SecureX comes in.  New innovations from the unified policy and enforcement components of the SecureX framework enable organizations to embrace "Bring Your Own Device" without relinquishing control.  And, the new Cisco ASA CX next-generation firewall appliance expands the ASA platform with context-aware capabilities for unprecedented visibility and control.     
Join the TechWiseTV team for an insider’s look at the ASA CX, explore the latest innovations in security, and dig into the network with a forensics analysis of routers and switches.  Check it out now!  

Bring up the topic of security to IT professionals and you are likely to get more than you bargained.  The reality is that we are torn between two extremes.  On one hand, employees want the ease and flexibility of using their device of choice and applications to perform their job most effectively.  On the other hand, many security professionals want to lock down the network and adhere to stringent, albeit needed, security guidelines.
The way to have "both" is by unlocking the power of the network and this is where Cisco SecureX comes in.  New innovations from the unified policy and enforcement components of the SecureX framework enable organizations to embrace "Bring Your Own Device" without relinquishing control.  And, the new Cisco ASA CX next-generation firewall appliance expands the ASA platform with context-aware capabilities for unprecedented visibility and control.     

Guests: Rajneesh Chopra, Danny Anello, Brian Conklin, Jaishree Subramania