Episode 141 Released: Cisco Controller...Enterprise Module

This is an audio only version of the show - it is a video of course...you can watch it here.

Separation of control and data planes is a great start for SDN, but to be truly effective, we need to include network functionality as well. The Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) Enterprise Module extends ACI solutions beyond the data center to the WAN and access networks.  Cisco has been updating its data center and networking portfolio to become open, programmable and secure, and this extension of APIC delivers Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities that allow the network to become more agile and responsive to the dynamic demands of applications and users.

We covered all of this from Cisco Live Milan but lost some footage during the initial back up process. UGH!  We re-shot stuff as you can hear in the studio but thankfully did not lose our interviews and demos.  

This is an audio only version of the show.  You can SEE the show here.  

We cover an intro to the APIC Enterprise Module & Open Daylight and then dig in with Phil Cassini covering demonstrations with Security, QoS and VDI. Plus, a subject we will come back to in more detail later, iWAN or 'Intelligent WAN.'  Bill Reilly handled that one with us beautifully.  Hope you enjoy!




TechWiseTV 141: Application Policy Infrastructure Controller

Watch our latest on-demand episode and find out how the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) Enterprise Module extends automation and control beyond your data center to your WAN and access domains so you can spend less time on mundane tasks and more time on business innovation.
See how the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module gives your IT team the tools you need to simplify operations, see the entire network as a single entity, and enable rapid innovation.

From Cisco Live Milan...with Love

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We have a few full on episodes coming out of Cisco Live Milan soon as we cover launch details on hybrid cloud enablement with InterCloud plus the new APIC EM, Application Policy Infrastructure Controller, Enterprise Module. Again, these are coming soon. For now, we whet your appetite with a few of the great standalone conversations we had that are now trickling out.

Connected Transportation, which I initially confused with our IoE or Internet of Everything....but its not the same of course. Barry Einsig comes to Cisco from a very in depth background in all things transportation. Its a great example, if you are not familiar already, with how much depth there can be in any one subject. Great, industry specific examples showing where we can make a difference when connecting the previously unconnected.

In Network Programmability for Better Automation we asked about advancements in network programmability and how they were affecting Cisco's core enterprise products. This in light of this APIC enterprise module taking us one step closer to FAST IT and the ever-present business agility. We talked to Sujai Hajela, VP/GM for Cisco's Enterprise Networking Group.

We also caught up with Sachin Gupta to talk about how customers are using our architectural approach to further their business goals. Topics included continued momentum with unified access; personalized engagement with customers using CMX; how iWAN is redefining connectivity across the enterprise; and, last but not the least, IT simplicity.

One of my favorite demo's come from our relationship with Glue Networks. Jeff Gray, cofounder and CEO walked me through a live demonstration of the Gluware intelligent orchestration engine, which is making the programmable Cisco network a reality. He used his iPhone to provision new switches, policies, and other manual or error-prone activities. QoS, network automation, and other parameters plus iWAN and performance routing highlight Glue Networks' elegant visual interface, using APIs from the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module.

And finally, I got to meet one of the newest members of the Cisco Designated VIP Program, representing the Cisco Learning Network, Riikka Sihvonen. Riikka is a data center technician from Finland and was at Cisco Live in Milan for her first time. She is a contributer and collaborator in the true sense of the word.

It was a very successful trip. I look forward to sharing the episodes we created while there - those will be out soon!

Stay tuned.


Athletic Quadracopters

There are a great many examples of why math and science are critically important to our education. I get to work around a lot of smart people where I am constantly reminded of what I wish I had studied harder for when in school.  I work hard to catch up and have no regrets...but I will still promote the genius of those around me.

From his Ted bio:

Raffaello D'Andrea combines academics, business and the arts to explore the capabilities of autonomous systems. As part of his research as professor of dynamic systems and control at the Swiss federal institute of technology, he and his collaborators created works such as the self-destructing, self-assembling Robotic Chair, and designed a system that allowed quadrirotor drones to construct a 6-meter tower, brick by brick.
The Flying Machine Arena he and his team created features airborne robots performing acrobatics, juggling balls and more, while the Distributed Flight Array is a flying platform consisting of multiple autonomous vehicles that are able to dock with their peers and fly in a coordinated fashion. His explorations also have practical business applications. He co-founded Kiva Systems, a robotics company that develops intelligent automated warehouse systems, and which was recently acquired by Amazon.

I just kept thinking how much better my 'yet to be created' aerial photography would benefit. 

Earnest Delusions of a Pro Photographer

"I'm a Photographer Too!"

The Oscar's last night reminded me of a story, shared by Stevan, one of our producers. As it goes, he was in a bar and happened upon on a conversation with a nice fellow who apparently was also a working photographer. Stevan did what many of us do naturally, which is to look for clues that we are talking to someone who is at our level professionally or someone who simply talks a lot. No alarm bells were going off...this fellow seemed straight up with consistent references to equipment, style, workflow, what have you.

Stevan was enjoying the exchange and began to think he had happened upon a new relationship that could become valuable professionally as well. This new friend spoke of his focus on celebrity photography and began to name drop, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey and on and on. Suddenly, he remembered that he did have his portfolio in the car, would Stevan like to see it? 'Sure!,' Stevan exclaimed...that is excactly what he would like to do. His new friend returned a few moments later with a portfolio/photo album under his arm and placed it on the counter. He began narrating the back story as he showed incredible pictures with amazingly good accesss to top celebrities.

It was obvious this guy was looney tunes however.

Every picture contained celebrites just as promised...but these incredible pictures were obviously captured in someones living room. He had been taking pictures of his television set. No attempt to crop out the TV or improve the quality...this was straight up....creepy. Now what do you do? Stevan had a choice to make- confront the guy with the obvious issue or simply extract himself from the situation as quickly, politely (and safely) as possible. Was this a set up? There was an urge to look for hidden cameras. To brace for the big reveal that must happen next. Nothing happened. So there he sat, looking at pictures of this guys TV set...page after page as this 'professional photographer' earnestly shared his innocent(?) delusions.

Congratulation to all the winners from last nights Oscar ceremony. Perhaps you are now a fresh addition to his prized portfolio.


Khana Karts Race Day

What a great, tiring weekend, shooting interviews in Seth Higgin's garage until almost midnight Friday then meeting in Euless early the next morning to shoot our make-shift Gymkhana track...it was awesome!  



Tom at Mayo Performance opened up his shop and staged some of the most amazing vintage racing porsches in the background.   

Steve Ewertz, our incredible Director of Photography for TechWiseTV stayed in town from a Friday morning shoot we did for Episode 133.  I can't wait to share what all we captured but I want to take my time as based on the footage he captured, handheld, jib, slider, GoPro....and what he helped me accomplish...I need to make sure I do it justice!  You can see some of the motion stuff on a test shoot I did without Steve a few weeks ago...may help quell the appetite.   

Thank you Corey Kaiser for the pictures.  Seth Higgins and Ryan Nicol for their Khana Karts, plus their time and the creativity involved in making such a fun sport more accessible.  I look forward to sharing more soon!


Pistol - We will Miss You

Text Pistol Hit by Car.png

We had him for about one year. He always wanted to hunt and so he became and indoor/outdoor cat.  I know from experience that any cats that go outdoors tend to have a shorter life-span...and this only proves it.  He was the most social kitty we ever had.  We had to add a second item to his collar letting people know he was purposefully out 'catting around' and just wanted to visit...no need to keep calling us all the time.  We met so many more neighbors though when they would call to tell us they found him. Zoey helped him with his own facebook page..although he only updated about as often as I do mine.  Perhaps the keyboard was too hard on the paws.  Neighbors would post pictures of him at their house...and that was fun.  We love you Pistol.  We will miss you.  Thank you Tooth Acres  for providing closure on this awful event for us and the kids. 


I realized just a few weeks ago that my friend and neighbor, Seth Higgins, had been building custom go-carts.  I had seen him pulling a trailer that said 'Khana Karts' on it when I was out mowing and I googled it.  Turns out, go-carts are not just a dying sport (on the consumer side) their are ripe for re-invention.  Well, Seth has been a race driver (big cars) for I don't know how long...and he wanted to be able to do it more with his young kids so he started digging into it.  What he really wanted to do was build an inexpensive drift cart that would allow anyone to experience and enjoy the sport of drifting..something he does, again with the bigger (and MUCH more expensive) cars. I wanted to play too and learn a bit more so we shot some experimental video yesterday which I threw together.   

I would like to make this shorter and do more with the color...but I ran out of time and need to get back to work this week.  Check out more information on the carts at khanakarts.com.  He will be taking orders for kits soon and I hope we will be doing more videos on what makes these different as well. 


Professional Actor? Almost

This was a fun project I had almost forgotten about.  My producer friend Ben Ryan was doing this project for Melerick and I volunteered to be an actor in it.  Always fun to do something different. The book is now out: The New Hire Guide: Control Your Career to Master Your Destiny.  I respect authors like Melerick Mitchell here who are pushing the bounds of typical book distribution and embracing rich media like this.    

Writing Week

Next week we will tape two shows...one on some new stuff I can't talk about and one about IPv6.  June 6 will mark the one year anniversary from World IPv6 day so we will cover what has changed since then and what remains to be done.  That is the bulk of my research right now..figure out where that will go.

I am also looking to make the stronger business case for IPv6 change-over. The chicken little 'sky is falling' strategy is not yielding much....and now we may be trapped in a little 'Chicken or Egg' argument.  Who moves first? Starting to look like mobile is moving first and as new devices come out of the gate enabled and ready, this will increase the pressure on content providers.


Primer on Cloud Confidence

Post released today on the show blog (blog.techwisetv.com).

We had some sneak peeks at CiscoLive in London but as you probably know by now, this stuff was just formally announced last week.  Several demos worth looking at give you the foundation for what is important. Shashi Kiran is leading this effort and you can always count on a good quote:  

"Cisco takes Unified Fabric to the next level delivering compelling customer value in an evolutionary manner, we offer a switch with the industry's highest 40GbE density per rack unit, the simplest solution for the hybrid cloud model, and the most extensible network controller."

Interesting….tell us more...

Three areas of innovation:  How we Scale (Nexus 6000), how we enable the Hybrid deployment model (Nexus 1000v InterCloud) and how we open it all up with Cisco ONE (Open Networking Environment)

The family expands with the Nexus 6000

The new Nexus 6004 switch offers extremely high performance—40 Gigabit Ethernet interface, or 40GbE—in a compact size. The switch can handle very bandwidth-hungry applications without taking up a lot of space in the data center, making it more energy-efficient and cost-effective. The Nexus 6004 delivers up to 96 ports of 40GbE; no other switch in the market can match the compactness and density. 

Also worth mentioning in this arena: New Network Analysis Modules on the Nexus 7000 and new Fabric Extender solutions.  Jimmy Ray talks to Deepak about application awareness and rich performance statistics with the NAM:   

Clouds make more sense with the Nexus 1000v InterCloud

The Nexus 1000v 'inter cloud,' will allow customers to burst compute loads between private and public clouds.  Sounds easy in theory.  You can see the technology element we put into play here with the 1000V.  The new term here is "Intercloud" which is designed to dramatically simplify the deployment of hybrid cloud solutions.  Security is obviously a big play here as we need to maintain and transparently re-instate policy when when moving virtual machines from a private cloud to a public cloud.   

This is really interesting stuff…maybe one of our favorite announcements. We have a Fundamentals of Hybrid Cloud in development but for now - I think you will find this conversation with Prashanth very helpful. 

Great example of making the complex simple - in this case using the familiarity of VNMC: Virtual Network Management Center. Bit It also gives network operators end-to-end visibility into their virtual machines in the cloud and the traffic running across the network—simplifying management and while preserving policies intact.  We did not talk in detail about the obvious benefit for service providers here but I expect there will be more on that as we deploy. 

Spend more time on this one - I highly recommend all three parts of Gary Kinghorn's coverage in his blog series: Cisco Launches Nexus 1000V InterCloud – Part 1Part 2 (VNMC InterCloud), and Part 3

And finally, Shashi's third point: 

ONE is no longer the loneliest number with the Open Network Environment

We announced the Cisco ONE controller software, which helps IT more directly manage the network infrastructure, and more closely link applications to the network so that the network more efficiently responds to applications. We are now saying of course - this is the industries' most flexible network and fabric controller. 

We also announced a broad range of updates across its Enterprise and Service Provider portfolio delivering with support for onePK, OpenFlow, etc., continuing to deliver against the Cisco ONE strategy.

Tomorrow, we will release a great interview on the ONE Controller as well - so watch for that!



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Video Distribution: AOL embraces YouTube

Beyond the technology side of getting video seen by an audience, is the platform. By platform, I mean the big questions between broadcast TV and the Internet  - which then becomes, well, where on the Internet?  Do we build something and then try to market the heck out of it? Perhaps we create such compelling content (dare-say viral?) and the audience will surely find us…OR, do we follow the watering hole methodology and go where our audience seems to be.  There is really no right or wrong answer - you can fail or succeed at all of this.  AOL, the very 'we were a portal before portals were cool' announced a pretty big move this week stating that ALL of their video content would now be distributed through YouTube.   

This is not a knock against AOL, but it is interesting move as they only debuted their ON Network back in April.  The ON Network has a nice collection of original content and web favorites like Huffington Post, TechCrunch plus many others. According to AOL this is simply a way to reach new audience and open more advertising streams.  They have reported views up to 61 million on their portal,  so in my limited view, it does not sound like they are doing bad.  I just think its interesting to watch this space as everyone grapples with the right way to distribute content. 



Fundamentals of Session Management


The flexibility enabled by an IP based communication system is exemplified in how Cisco handles Session Management. In fact, the combination of 'Session Management Edition and CUBE (Cisco Unified Border Element) remain the most cost effective way to transition from a traditional PBX environment without sacrificing previous investments.  

The benefits can be grouped in three areas: 

  • Save - Lower costs and improve efficiency by using SIP trunking to interconnect networks using Cisco Unified Border Element
  • Simplify - Reduce complexity by aggregating third-party PBXs, and easing migration to an all-IP environment.
  • Extend - Deploy collaboration applications at the network core and extend them to users, even those on third-party PBXs

In this latest in the Fundamentals series from TechWiseTV, we tackle the core technology hopefully explains it in a fun way. Get your head wrapped around Session Management and make sure you are not missing anything! 

After you watch, be sure and follow up with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition Product Page and see more of the resources our friend Patty Medberry has made available

Patty Medberry

Also, don't miss a chance to get your questions in with the with the Chief Geek himself!  His workshops are easily the most popular on the web and there are new ones every week.  Bookmark: TechWiseTV Workshops

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