TWTV120: Defending the Data Center


Episode 120, Project ID 1219

Taped August 14, 2012 (Studio 13)

Released September 12, 2012

Guests: Per Hagen, Scott Gainey, Jaishree Subramania, Jeff Aboud, Swastik Bihani, Anil Kapur

We had to dig further, past our initial meetings internally and determine what would make this particular story unique from previous ones we have told this year.  Three really good shows done earlier now provide great context for appreciating the innovation we talk about in this one.   Check out: Fundamentals of High End FirewallsFundamentals of Intrusion Prevention and (TechWiseTV 115) Firewall Reinvention with the ASA-CX

So topically, Security in the Data Center is an easy hit of course.   It seems to top many lists. As Cisco broadens the tool set with new models and deployment options, we broke this one down along party lines:  

Per Hagen 4

Jaishree brought in Scott Gainey for the top down view in Segment 2. 

 Per Hagen 5

Jimmy Ray hosted Per Hagen as he explained how the new clustering technology in the ASA worked.   NOTE: ASA 5515-X running the latest software release 8.6(1) was featured in the BYOD CVD (Cisco Validated Design) Smart Solution Design Guide.

Per Hagen 7

Anil Kapur revealed how IPS (from Cisco anyway…) can now play effectively in a data center strategy.  

Per Hagen 1

Jeff Aboud joined me to illustrate how all of these new models now give us the flexibility to model a security architecture that complements the network/business strategy.  

Per Hagen 3

Swastik Bihani then joined us and showed new email encryption capabilities across all of our devices and web security changes worth knowing about. 

For a good design guide on this one - check out this well done paper (pdf) from our friends at the SBA labs