GSX Insider - A Compilation

I was able to host GSX for only the 2nd year this year.  Cisco Sales Meetings at the beginning of every year were always fantastic events that I looked forward to.  I was still in sales for the last physical event held in Las Vegas about 6 years ago...I was amazed that Cisco flew in every sales person and engineer to one location from the entire was a party!  The events have been virtual since then and I imagine still not quite as impactful...but Cisco pulls out ALL the stops for making these a very well done, interactive part ofthat is the TV broadcast we now do live and on location during the week long event.  We did a different theatre each day kicking off with APJC (Asia Pacific), then the EMEA (Europe/Middle East) and finally by end of day Thursday we were wrapping up with the America's.  
Ten shows, twenty-two interviews, two and a half hours of live, non-rehearsed, content across 3 major continents, ALL in 72 hours! Hats off to the Cisco TV team, Producer Extraordinaire Scot Southworth and the hundreds of people behind the scenes...I was just honored to play host as Cisco motivates, rewards and educates the team going from FY12 to FY 13. My co-hosts Shari Slate, Karen Snell, James Bedford (in England), Sha Yu (in Singapore). FANTASTIC!  Hope I get to do this again next year. (It was a busy week...Jimmy Ray and I performed GIST of LISP for the VMworld Conference earlier in the week too...)
VMworld TV Posted their edit of the keynote...kinda cool to see how lrge the venue was in Moscone. Our bit starts at about 41:20