CiscoLive San Diego 2012

Robb & Prashanth on Stage, Jimmy Ray on the Wireless FeedCiscoLive was held in beautiful San Diego this year.  Sure wish we could do it here every year...its been Vegas (burnout!) for the last few years and now for 2013 I understand it will be Orlando.  We followed a new pattern in our production here that seems to be working out well. Instead of producing 2 to 3 full themed shows, we are doing individual segments, editing them on site and uploading within what is usually a 3 hour time frame.  

SDN Controller Demo (Network Slicing)
Nexus Switch Portfolio in 3D (Kaon)
Voice Survivability for HCS:
ScanSafe: Efficient Cloud Security:
Enhanced Cloud with AVC:
Cloud Optimization at Scale with AppNav:
UCS E-Series Server for ISR G2
CUBE: Cloud Based Video Recording