Tetration Analytics - Ep 200

Amazing and ambitious technology debut featured in this show.  This first iteration of technology is a hardware based solution made up of a very full rack of UCS servers offering a DVR for the Data Center.  The first real time monitoring and playback of any flow anywhere in the data center.  I am hoping we continue to bring this technology down market...ideally making it some kind of 'software as a service' since it seems quite valuable for just about anyone trying to grapple with how fast things are moving these days.  

Episode 158 - Smarter Routers

Episode 158 - Smarter Routers

 We recently had a chance to showcase the new ISR 4000 Series.  ISR remains the acronym for this family as it stands in for ‘Integrated Services Router.’  I am sure we made this argument before, but one way to characterize this one is to see just how much the innovation swings towards the ‘I’ and the ’S’ these days.  It makes sense. 

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Episode 156: Cisco ASA and FirePower Services

Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services is a new, adaptive, threat-focused next-generation firewall that delivers superior, multi-layered protection, improves visibility, and reduces security costs and complexity. It provides integrated threat defense for the entire attack continuum by combining proven ASA firewall skills with industry- leading Sourcefire next-generation IPS and advanced malware protection.

But haven’t  we heard this all before? 

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Fundamentals of the BE6000

Project ID 1195, Episode FUN24
Taped April 25, 2012, Released June 21, 2012

Unified Communications Businesss Edition 6000

The Cisco Business Edition 6000 delivers the superior performance, system redundancy, and broad application integration you need. Well suited for businesses with 100 to 1000 employees, it's an ideal choice when migrating from analog, digital, or hybrid-PBX phone systems. Watch this Fundamentals episode from TechWiseTV to learn just what makes this system different. 
UPDATE: This video also cross-posted in the Collaboration Communities

TWTV117: Cloud Intelligent Network

Episode 117, Project ID 1060

Taped May 15, 2012, Released June 13, 2012

Guests: Anurag Gurtu, Matt Bolick, Vijay Sagar, Prashanth Shenoy, Zeus Kerravala 

Network Intelligence

As a fundamental and critical part of a successful cloud implementation, the network is poised for incredible leaps of intelligence.  The WAN has been re-defined as Weak Area Network contributing to poor performance, inadequate security, lack of visibility and complex management.  An intelligent network endows the WAN with the  efficiency of cloud and and the confidence of a private network.  This TechWiseTV episode is stuffed with incredible innovations that deliver on a cloud journey you can embrace. 

TWTV114: Jabber & Telepresence Exposed (Enterprise Connect)

Project 1057

Taped at Enterprise Connect in Orlando: March 27, 2012

Guests: OJ Winge, Laura Powers, Mark Gervase, Zoltan Deak, Mags Moran, Mike Walker

I don't care

O.J. Winge does not care about devices or platforms, but people.

  • I care about creating business value and growing our business
  • I care about how people work together, how they create and innovate;  
  • I care about empowering and engaging people.
  • After all – isn’t this what creates business value….
  • – isn’t this the *point* of technology? To help drive (human) performance to new levels?

88% of Business Leaders fear that 'misunderstanding' will slow them down.  

How do we help with communication? Well, 54% consider the most important part of communications is gauging engagement and focus- through a combination of visual and audio cues, such as facial expressions, gestures and body language, tone of voice.

When you engage each and every employee – you can transform them from “knowledge workers” into empowered employees.  And that is a powerful value for business.

we defined three “personas” fully characterized and profiled as users of our products… and as we designed and developed new product, we thought of the user – the persona the product was intended for.  This changed how we designed and developed our products.  In fact, this is what has driven the design of our immersive Telepresence


Shownotes from my week in Orlando for the annual voice confab



Dear Koobface...my social insecurity

Originally released back in January of 2011, this was a segment inside a security special show we taped at the end of 2010 doing a deepdive on the Cisco Annual Security Report.  I wanted to write something a bit snarky....I like the way it turned out. The jokes may only be obvious to security folks.

My script:

SCENE: 3B - VO Package - Open Letter to Koobface
LOCATION: Discussion Area


Dear Koobface.  Can I still call you Koob?

You have been a wonderful friend, I remember how we first met.

Got a message from one of my old friends…click here ‘can’t believe your face in this video’ or something…you know me, I love seeing myself on camera, … wait.  I am apparently missing a required component… a ‘video codec’ I think it said..well I’m this far, I like video stuff…lets get that sucker loaded.  

Wow. I did not realize what had happened right away….but I was bitten. ‘Socially Infected’ if you will.

To be fair, your not a one friend kind of friend…  Social infection has taken on a whole new meaning in the last year thanks to this ‘Gratuitous link-sharing behavior’ I have heard it called. Social Networks are the Place to be!  And you my friend, are the expert at making money on this! Hats off to you Koob!

Well that video component you said I needed was actually an executable file that kicked off a whole bunch of activities.


Can I be honest?  You had me at ‘click here.’  But you were not done were you?  

At first I thought you were just bragging - “Gotta check in” you said I should have seen the signs - Command and control, a central feature of every budding botnet. Turns out you were just casing my place, logging my social activities and sites, I know I made it easy, all those cookies laying around - fair enough.

You were measuring windows and checking out the floor plan…making room for your tools.. Very specific tools it turns out. Now, I appreciate the effort actually, no sense hauling in tools you don’t need - you could see what I was doing.  Now, my friends are your friends!  And convenient too, since they now think all these new messages from you are coming from me.


With no extra work on my part, you even helped me become a webserver.  I’ve never been a webserver!  Now I got to act as proxy or provide relay services for all our little koobface friends - in fact, and I love this one, I did not even have to break my own CAPTCHA’s anymore.  I never liked those things!  I mean why prove I am human if I have friends that will do it for me?  Great little service.  And downright neighborly!

Thats when things started to go wrong Koob.  You know why.  It was the money.  I was already impressed with your social media propogation parlour tricks…but you showed your true colors.   You know money is what ruins most relationships.  

Your modularity should have tipped me off - the fact that you could sell yourself on a ‘pay per infection’ basis to those suspicious looking friends of yours - SEARCH HIJACKERS - ready and willing to lead my browsing preferences right into those worthless click-fraud sites…DATA STEALERS…what kind of friends are these?  Nice try convincing me it was just a creative back up strategy.   But the final straw, the ROGUE ANTI-VIRUS INSTALLERS…those guys are so old school….I can’t believe you still hang with them.   ‘Click here to protect yourself’. It does still pay I guess.  

You know Koob. Enough was enough.  You are who you hang out with.  

That is why I unfriended you.