Merry Christmas! Loving my new Kindle

What did you get for Christmas?  As a reader - this Kindle thing rocks.  Although I can find little bits of fault with it (its not great for Bible reference...although it works well for Bible reading) I really think it hits the mark for a couple of reasons:

1. Less is more.  There is always a tendency to keep adding more features to things...the Kindle may do this but I have to admit that one thing I love the most is that this is about reading. That is it.  I have tried web-surfing on it and it sucks. The screen is made for the printed word and it excels at it. I applaud the simplicity of design that has made the iPod such a hit and I empathize greatly with how hard it is to avoid the desire to add every thing you can.

2. Less is More, Part Two: one big reason I can’t read stuff real well on my Mac is that I get too distracted. I LOVE my MacBook but because it can do everything...I get pulled into EVERYTHING far too easily. I enjoy a device like the Kindle that can do the thing I want the most really well and suck so much at the rest that I don’t even try.  This allows me to focus.

3. Prevent Gadget Creep:  I would agree with many out there that this is ‘yet another electronic gadget’ to carry around..however, it actually displaces a few things so the net result is that I end up carrying less.  This solves an issue I have with my laziness around the house and for when I travel - I generally have two or more books going at any one time. One or more for work related subjects and  at ideally at least one ‘fun’ novel...the kind of thing I can read at night to ‘cleane my mental palate’ (get my mind off work) and actually sleep.

What I don’t like (so far):
 - The note/bookmark feature is nice but does not appear to be auto-time stamping...I like to know when something hit me...this should be easy to do (I may not have found this setting correctly either....)
 - The note/bookmark feature does not seem to let me easily click through to the place in which the note was taken...  duh?
 - Poor keyboard utilization - this is most apparent with trying to use this as my Bible.  One thing I need to do with Bible software is find specific passages easily.  I can still do it MUCH faster with the actual book...there is too much clumsy clicking, page scrolling, etc with Kindle....  why can’t the full keyboard be used more intelligently here?

What’s on my Kindle right now?

Holy Bible: New American Standard Bible (NASB) - this Bible was rated highly for its Kindle integration but the reviews are still dead-on about navigation not quite being what it should be.

U is for Undertow, Sue Grafton - I bought this quickly from within the Kindle...almost purely based on the fact it was a top-seller. I am about 38% into the novel (Kindle tells me this as there are no ‘real’ page numbers).

Cisco TelePresence Fundamentals, ePub - this is in prep for our show taping in January. We will do a deep dive on TechWiseTV with a ‘behind the scenes’ on telepresence. This is a good book and another good test for a style of read on the Kindle.

USA Today, Kindle Edition - this is only day 2 of my 14 day free trial. I had tried the USA Today mobile edition on my computer and have hated it...infinite difficutly in scrolling and reading stuff in the distraction of my computer in general when trying to read the paper...too much other stuff I get reminded to do and CAN do because I am on my computer... ugh.   So far, I am liking the kindle graphics, no color...but I love the fact that the ‘newspaper’ is sitting ready to read when I wake up and I can read in a very linear fashion and get a quick feel for the major stories.... Time will tell...  If I pay for the subscription we will know won’t we!

What did you get for Christmas?  If you got a Kindle, what do you like/not like?

Merry Christmas!