Personality Not Included

In talking to Anne Plese, one of the most creative marketers I have had the good fortune to work with, she mentioned a desire to introduce me to her friend, Rohit Bhargava.  Rohit wrote a book called 'Personality Not Included" that sounds fantastic.  I ordered the book right away...i have not gotten it yet but I only fear that my interest may be self-serving. 

Anne continues to pioneer and work with a talented team driving our 'start-up' mentality in the data center space.  She latched on to Jimmy Ray and i in the form of TechWiseTV several years ago and has helped tell our story as to the value of what we provide for Cisco Technology marketing. We have been firm believers in providers a consistent 'face' to our Cisco customers in an effort to personalize the relationship.   I am excited that Anne thinks we are an example of these trends that she and Rohit are promoting. Perhaps we can help him as an example with his second book...hmmmm....Rohit?  Are you listening?