"The Big Picture" begins

I may be on camera a lot...but I am no actor. I am going to try however!  I was cast (I believe I was the only adult who auditioned) as the father in the latest sitcom by the Prestonwood Creative Team (major pillar in the children's ministry).  I am excited that I am able to work with some awesomely creative people like Robyn Collins (author/screenwriter), Brandon Carmichael, (Producer/Director) and quite a few cool kids that I am getting to know better.  All of the writers, actors and most of the crew are voluntary. 

I am in awe of what this team has done in the past - most notably the previous weekly sitcom, Wright's Direction which went well over 100 episodes.  I can't tell you what an accomplishment it is to keep that kind of pacing.  One would think the quality would suffer too but for an all volunteer program it is top notch. Here is one of the early episodes of the old show:

My original plan was not to be on this show without my own kids getting to do it with me.  They did get the experience of a real audition but they did not get any of the main parts.  Zack has agreed to attend the tapings with me as this is of course a VERY kid friendly environmet. He knows the whole crew and will jump at doing anything he is asked...in fact...he has a little cameo on episode one!  Here is getting the shake down from the 'Scary Marys' as they seek a little more lunch money. (Gotta wait for the show to get the context!).