Newbie: Show Descriptions

Show Descriptions

TechWiseTV (Episodes)- The original flagship series premiering in September of 2006 featuring  ‘Technology you can Use from Geeks you can Trust’. This long running series features Cisco veteran Robb Boyd plus a hand-picked selection of engineers and other field relevant technical experts for an action packed, multi-segment 20 minute episode. With a track record of straight talk language for customers offering both education and new technology exposure, TechWiseTV has been identified as the most lucrative, global marketing vehicle in Cisco history. or

Fundamentals of: an animated series of short form video content that has been tightly designed, (scripted, story-boarded and produced), to inform a global external audience about a key technology.  Over 40 episodes of this concept have been released over the years covering Cisco TrustSec, EnergyWise, Optical transceivers, protocols and more.  With a very share-able running time between 5 to 7 minutes on average, this popular storytelling method involves roughly 3 months to complete per show and is released as a non-gated lead into a planned and measured marketing journey. or

TechWiseTV workshops are the live interactive sibling to a TechWiseTV show episode. These webex based shows are hosted by Robb Boyd with content delivered by a technology expert that was often featured in the related episode. This continues the marketing journey with a very attractive workshop diving deeper into the handpicked topic offering an opportunity for the audience to engage by asking text based questions.