Newbie Guide

Typical TechWiseTV Episode Flow

Every episode is segmented and structured to maintain interest and momentum throughout. 

  • One guest per segment who is always speaking to a host and not to the camera
  • There are no tele-prompters for guests.  The show is designed to be conversational and the host is a professional conversationalist who knows the topic and the goals for the conversation. 
  • The experience has been best described as casual conversation between friends


  • Demonstrations, especially when they are physical can be the best. Interacting with products, taking things apart, etc.
  • Software demos are good to have as well.
  • Whiteboard on our pen display
  • This can be on a blank screen or on top of selected powerpoint type images
  • Slides are great when used properly.
  • We will restrict to one or two that can be fully explained.  
  • Complex animations can be good as well if they are being explained as they build…not just background eye candy.