Applications on Network Switches?

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It starts with acknowledging just how much data we are all dealing with. Massive. That data needs to be collected and analyzed so that it can be acted upon. Faster.

It's become unwieldy to do this processing in remote servers. Collecting and analyzing data at the edge and making decisions locally rather than in centralized servers significantly reduces the latency and bandwidth of the network. But it also assumes a level of intelligence, or context that can be shared with the network.

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Powered by an x86 CPU, the application hosting solution on the Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches provides the intelligence required at the edge. Native docker engine support on Catalyst switches enables you to build and bring your own applications without additional packaging.

Cisco DNA Center now provides consistent workflows to manage the entire application lifecycle across multiple Catalyst 9000 series switches through the “App Hosting” dashboard.

Two special guests:

  • Surya Raju, Product Manager will walk us through

    • Key reasons for doing application hosting on your network switches, from monitoring, troubleshooting and security.

    • Storage and compute options, what you need to know

    • 3rd party support options as part of the switching application eco-system

    • Supported platforms

    • ‘Other’ switch vendors and their ability to host applications

    • New DevNet resources you can play with in our Application Hosting Sandbox, a free 24/7 hosted development lab for integrating and working with code:

  • Sai Zeya, Technical Marketing Engineer will give us a live demonstration with specifics on the Docker workflow. From pulling the right image, uploading and deployment…plus un-installation. GUI or CLI…both will be covered.

Plus…live Q&A

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Watching the episode first: Application Hosting on Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches