We needed a story-telling vehicle that would allow us to script specifics that needed to be said in a short period of time (like Fundamentals) but could cover products in a more overt manner. One other way to look at this: Spotlight is the alter-ego to Fundamentals that hopefully allow the original animated series to remain focused on technology concepts. 

Producer: Peter Homer

Managing Editor: Robb Boyd

Hosts: Robb Boyd, Jimmy Ray Purser


Spotlight on Cisco Prime Collaboration

Spotlight on Cisco Prime Collaboration covers the latest for management and control across your entire Cisco communications infrastructure. Simplify the entire lifecycle and address service quality issues before they affect end users.


Released: 12-21-2012

Spotlight on Unified Communications Management

Surpassing simple management of the multiple components that define a Unified Communications system should be more commonplace.  Watch this TechWiseTV Spotlight and learn how Cisco Prime is now ready to make optimization a reality. UCMS will help you automate the minutiae, delegate the redundant, all the while giving you a rich tool set to be in control when times are smooth and quick to react when things go awry.

Subject Matter Experts: Jim Whitten, Mark Royle 

Taped: 1-18-12

Released: 3-22-12


Spotlight on the Mobility Services Engine (MSE)


Mobility services may be the missing link for deriving a new level of value from your wireless network. Watch this TechWiseTV Spotlight for unique examples of technology solving real business problems.

Subject Matter Experts: Jagdish Girmaji, Paul Nguyen, Santosh Pandey

Taped: 12-06-2011

Released: 3-8-2012